Willy Tea Taylor (of Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit), Sumner Brothers

Mar 5 @ 9:00pm


9pm showtime

Willy Tea Taylor:
Willy Tea Taylor was born and raised in Oakdale California. The self proclaimed Cowboy Capital Of The World has produced more NFR Champions than anywhere else.

Willy is very proud of his roots and comes from a long line of cattlemen - he can lead you in a dance and tell stories that'll bring you to tears. He's a hellraiser and poet.

Willy Tea been a full time professional musician for over 6 years now and is best known as the co-frontman of THE GOOD LUCK THRIFT STORE OUTFIT. He balances his time with the band writing songs, performing and recording - this year he's been silencing bars and venues all over the US as a solo artist.

He is currently touring the US and making a film entitled 'Searchin' for Guy Clarke's Kitchen' (for more information see the attached tab).

If you want to know where he's from then you might want to listen to:

Life is Beautiful AKA Where I'm From by Willy Tea Taylor

It's an old baseball glove
It's granddaddys knife
It's a good pair of boots
Its a farmers wife
It's brothers chuggin beer
It's a VandenAvond song
It's chief singing townes
It's an all night long
It's a hard workin' day
It's a good leather belt
Its a "69" Dodge
It's that grape vineyard silt
It's a pasture at dawn
It's that worn out old barn
It's a sweaty flat top hat, your overalls tattered and torn
It's a good rotta tillin
It's a five pound bass
It's that old blue bird school bus
It's my sweet baby's laugh
It's a good sippin' whiskey
It's a smokey old bar
It's that banjo from bob
It's jims old guitar
It's a river so cold
It's Bennys homemade wine
It's old folks in love, still drinking side by side
It's buckets of joy
It's a pinch of sorrow
Its singing in the streets like were all dying tomorrow
It's playing catch with my boy
It's a chicken fried steak
It's I got your back whatever it takes
It's a pretty, pretty girl
It's a good wiffle ball team
It's everything sacred,it's that slow moving dream
You ask me where I'm from well this is where I'm from, you ask me where I'm from, well this is where I'm from

Sumner Brothers:
http://www.thesumnerbrothers.c om/Site/Home.html
In the words of Bruce Springsteen, “Nothing feels better than blood on blood”. Brothers and front-men Brian and Bob Sumner share a bond that requires no flattery - a family pact that keeps their music honest and authentic. Their upcoming release I Love You, Smile. holds true to what their devoted fans around the world know and love: the raw grit of steel string guitar and banjo, the lonesome hum of a harmonica, Bob’s haunting tenor croon, the devastatingly low baritone of brother Brian. This collision of sound forms the beautifully twisted roots of The Sumner Brothers.

It is their commitment to authenticity that first drew the brothers to country, folk, roots and blues music. Finding inspiration in the style of Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, and Neil Young, Bob and Brian began writing songs. They transformed their garage into a recording studio and created In The Garage, the DIY record that would change their lives. Accidentally released to the public in 2006, In The Garage, became an underground sensation, garnering the attention of long time hero and future collaborator Sam Parton (The Be Good Tanyas) and charting in the top 10 for Folk/Roots/Blues on Canadian College Radio.

With a suddenly fired-up fan-base and a sprawling tour schedule, the Sumner Brothers released their Self Titled Debut in 2008. Surrounded by wildlife and fueled by BBQ and beer, Bob and Brian created a true alt-country gem -- a live off the floor recording set in a tiny cabin on Galiano Island with guest Sam Parton on the mandolin. Attracting throngs of admirers, the album placed in The Province Newspaper’s 2008 top ten list, Herohill.com’s top 20 and You Crazy Dreamers’ favourites for 2009. Barn burner “Girl in the Window” won Best Alt-Country Song at the 9th Annual Independent Music Awards by popular vote and haunting ballad “Ticket to Ride” was included in Music BC’s 2010 compilation. Rave reviews continued to pour in, including a nod from Lonestar Magazine and an unprecedented five stars from Altcountry NL.

In 2010, the brothers released a follow-up to their popular underground record In The Garage entitled In The Garage II - Your Last Chance. Much like it’s predecessor, In The Garage II digs deep into the Sumner Brothers archives of recorded material. Intoxicated jams, live house shows, impromptu collaborations - hundreds of songs were sifted through to create this collection of songs that is at times intimate, rowdy, odd, interesting and through and through magical. The record was featured in Slowcoustic’s top Canadian records of 2010 and received 4.5 stars from Americanrootsuk.com.

2012 will welcome the release of the brothers’ second studio effort, I Love You, Smile. Though it was recorded in a much bigger cabin on a much bigger piece of land, the tenacious Sumners insist they have not strayed from their roots. The new release, produced by Derek Difilppo (Laura Smith, Star Captains, Five Alarm Funk), will feature guest performers Jim Black (Star Captains), Bill Patton (J. Tillman, Fleet Foxes) and Chris Mason (The Deep Dark Woods). The album will also include “Colorado Girl”, a track originally recorded for More Townes Van Zandt by the Great Unknown, a compilation of Townes covers out of the U.K. featuring contributions from The Be Good Tanyas, The Great Lake Swimmers, Kate Maki, J. Tillman (Fleet Foxes), Neal Casal (Ryan Adams), Phosphorescent and The Deep Dark Woods.

The Sumner Brothers have opened for such acts as Sean Hayes (San Francisco), Hillstomp (Portland), The Deep Dark Woods (Saskatoon) and have shared the stage with Vancouver heavies C.R. Avery and Rich Hope. They tour regularly in Canada, the United States and have recently begun talks with a U.K booking agency.