Little Hurricane, Ash Reiter

Nov 10 @ 9:00pm


8pm doors, 9pm show

Little Hurricane: urricanemusic
Just like a storm on the horizon, little hurricane is a whirlwind of sound who is gaining momentum in the san diego music scene. Formed in early 2010, little hurricane began when front man tone, and drummer cc met via Craigslist and have been creating dirty blues together since. Little hurricane’s bluesy soul stems from Santa Cruz, where tone was educated by his musical surroundings, and Chicago, where cc first created her back breaking beats. This determined duo is swooping san diego this summer and has even bigger plans for the fall.

Ash Reiter:
.. ..A voice like honey and whiskey, lyrics like... well, honey and whiskey. New album coming soon. .. .. Booking & Press Inquiries ~ ashreiter [at] .. PRESS .. .. "Ash Reiter is a delightful young talent with already well-developed songwriting skills. Her voice could be compared to any number of familiar names, Zooey Deschanel or Jolie Holland being the most readily available, but it is a sign of her gifts that she really doesn't benefit from comparison to anyone. Behind her vintage, lipstick-red National, she drives familiar yet distinct pop songs in a voice that, if anything, is stronger live than on her recordings. In her smoky blend of retro pop and modernism, sincerity and ironic detachment, her music brought to mind Sondre Lerche at several points. The tuneful nature of her compositions and the balance of wit and honesty in her voice are thoroughly winning.".. - Bay Bridged .. .. .. "Ash Reiter, a woman whose voices reminds me of how beautiful womens voices can be. She's soulful, she's honest. I cringe when lady singers are likened to Jolie Holland. The comparision is made all too often. Reiter is truly one of her own, and yes, although there are evident Holland influences... she stands on her own. The girl can croon.".. - SF Examiner .. .. "An indy folk voice that commands attention. Her restless sound is evolving from the low-fi Jolie Holland flutter into a richer, swing-jazz influenced beating of wings.".. - SF Folk Fest .. .."San Francisco darling and specialist in the simple jazz sound that Leslie Feist has made a career out of. Her standard guitar chords blend to form adorable jazz pop songs. Reiter's set was sugar cane sweet.".. -Daytrotter, Caleb Morairty.. .. "Dizzying folk melodies, acoustic-symphonies, and voices tangled into harmonized quilts that lay on your shoulders after you leave.".. - SF Station.. .. "Mmmm-mm-mm," she hums, as if a folk-song can tie two lovers together - in spite of everything.".. -The Skinny, Sean Michaels.. .. "There's no denying Reiter's resemblance to Jolie Holland's breathy, angelic vocals, though Reiter leans more towards folk and indie pop despite her jazzy intonation. Reiter's warmth belies the melancholy of her songs, though her voice alights so gently over her troubles it's easy to be mesmerized by their beauty." .. - Independent Weekly, Chris Parker.. .. " Reiter is one of those bright shining songwriters who you know is on her way to bigger things." .. - North Coast Journal.. .. .. "Reiter's lyrics contain a road-trip sensibility, when music of this kind and a long drive through fields of nothingness is the only way to heal a broken heart." .. - Phoenix New Times, Steve Jansen.. .. "Her pairing of a lovely vocal style and simple guitar work is intimate, playful, and charming. " .. - Free Press Houston .. .. "She starts singing and that's when you've got to realize that she's been illuminated, a few times over." .. - Daytrotter, Sean Moeller .. .. "Reiter sang with an edge of harshness, just enough to make her beautiful voice sound realistic. After playing a song about Mormons, another listener said, "More of that." "More songs about Mormons?" "No, just more of that." I couldn't have said it better myself." .. - Isthmus, Nick Griffin.. .. .. Ash Reiter -PAPER DIAMONDS .. Directed by Jon Pidgeon .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Sailing with Tootie and Friends.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Ash Reiter has had the pleasure of playing with Port O'Brien, The Dirty Projectors, Alec Ounsworth of Clap Your hands Say Yeah, Whispertown 2000, Conspiracy of Beards, Grand Lake, The Shants, Two Sheds, Swan Lake, Blank Tapes, The Finches, The Antiques, Cataldo, Golden Boots, Hardy Harr, Yes Please, Dear Nora, Yr Heart Breaks, The Ferocious Few, Beatbeat Whisper, Kacey Johansing, Obo Martin, Marie Sioux, Sunny Italy, Jenny Jenkins, Indianna Hale, TV Mike and the Scarecrows, White Cloud, Mark Matos & Os Beaches, Wave Array, Sharon Van Etten, Michael Leviton, Honeycomb, A Vision of a Dying World, The Speakers, Anna Ash, The last of the Blacksmiths, Blue Rabbit, Graves, Battle of Land and Sea, Cristina Antipa, The Heather Show, Drew Danburry, All My Pretty Ones, Mists and Masts, Chinatown Bakeries, Dovekins, Typhoon, Quinn Deveaux, Belly of the Whale, Pat Hull, Silian Rail, Vera Gough, Michael Musika, Helen Renaut, Chelsea Wolfe, TaughtMe, Tippy Canoe and more... .. ..