Mal Blum w/ Eves Peach and TBD

Mar 25 @ 9:00pm

$12 Adv. or $15 Door ventListings.action?orgId=25521 lbum/every-time-you-go-somewhere-2010
Dubbed “punk’s greatest hidden treasure” (Stereogum), Mal Blum writes cleverly crafted songs that are immediate, self-effacing, and viscerally relatable. Their latest project, Pity Boy, is an album that examines the patterns that recur over the course of our lives and what happens when we try (and often fail) to break them. Over the course of twelve tracks, Blum tells a story about: bad habits, self-sabotage, setting boundaries, ignoring those boundaries for familiar, comfortable mistreatment, and crawling on their knees through the dirt toward a begrudging optimism. They hope someone will see them as they are, will hear them, will listen. They’re doing the grueling work of becoming, and documenting it in a rock record that nestles somewhere between indie, punk, and pop.