Carsie Blanton w/ Adron

Feb 27 @ 9:00pm

$15 Adv. or $18 Door ventListings.action?orgId=25521

9PM m/album/buck-up
Carsie Blanton hasn’t lived her life like the most of us — and because of it, she sees the world in ways we probably all should... A self-declared socialist, all of this “unconventional” living (at least according to capitalist structures, as she often points out) has led to an equally unconventional approach in her music, where she tackles gender expectations, genre norms, societal expectations and sex through songs that are as smart and funny as they are well-constructed. Her new album, Buck Up, “is about two different kinds of edginess: a sexual one and political edginess. It’s an expression of the fact that I don’t give as much of a damn about making people comfortable as I used to.”
The new album's all yours, finally. With a triumphant release show at Atlanta's Terminal West, my team and I slapped the fresh lil' buns of this brand new baby and sent it waddling off wetly into the world. The music is available to you on all the cool new digital-age, cybersavvy world wide webbular destinations such as Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, all that good stuff, so get on your internet machine and listen.