Thick (Epitaph/Brooklyn) w/ Shoobies and Solomon Hallow

May 27 @ 9:00pm

$5 Door


Born from the DIY/all-ages scene New York, THICK make music with the raw `defiance of punk and addictive melodies of pop, punchy and catchy and wildly tongue-in-cheek. With their live show typically spawning a mosh pit described by Stereogum as “more like an aggressive hug,” the Brooklyn-based trio bring an unchecked intimacy to every song while building a deep and unshakable solidarity with the audience.

The band’s third EP and first release since signing to Epitaph Records, THICK bottles up the reckless energy of their live set and adds new textures to a gloriously scrappy sound they’ve labeled “girlwave.” The three-song release also reveals THICK’s particular brand of lyrical genius: calling out the stupidities of the status quo, and claiming their own space apart from the masses. "Each song is its own anthem, showing each of our personalities and the things we're dealing with," says Page. To that end, the “So Sick” pokes fun at fashion punks and their attempts at degenerate glamour, while “Your Mom” delivers what Black calls “a tirade against all the things your mom said you could or couldn’t do” (e.g., “You’re always late/And don’t be gay”). And on “Green Eyes,” THICK turns unpredictably dreamy, the track’s overlapping vocals telegraphing the strange frustration of a partner projecting their emotional baggage onto you.