Ryan Scott Long w/ Camelia Boutros, ANTHKRNA (with Jared Warren) and TBD

Jun 21 @ 9:00pm

$5 Door


New Orleans based drummer/composer Ryan Scott Long continues his life long fascination with music. Long is the founding member of numerous bands including AND THEN CAME HUMANS, Booker Long Duo, Bandaid Army & BroJazz.

Currently Ryan is on tour most of the year with his close friend Mike Sopko in their group AND THEN CAME HUMANS. With ATCH, Ryan is expanding his creativity on drums by combining his drumming with synth/keys and vocals forming eclectic sets of music. The band will have their debut effort “IN HEAT WAVE” release in September 2018 with touring to follow. Their unique friendship and playing experience has allowed them to form a universal sound that closes the gaps between indie jazz, rock n’ roll, funk, blues and singer-songwriter folk music.

With his forward-thinking approach powering what may be an exciting new style of drumming, there's a bright future in store for Ryan as he continues to make his mark.

Ryan is proficient in jazz, rock, funk, Latin, hip-hop, and many more styles. Ryan is very tour friendly as he has toured all over the country.