Spooky Mansion w/ Getaway Dogs

May 13 @ 9:00pm

$5 Door


"Spooky Mansion is a band out of time. No single thing about the quartet is necessarily a dead ringer for the San Francisco of lore – no mandalas or hippie beads here – but their hilarious music videos, shirtless album cover and playful take on surf-rock all capture a breeziness and whimsy that suggest a time before the tech takeover, before constant worries of getting priced out, before luxury toast. Yet that goofiness never comes at the expense of musicianship."

“Getaway Dogs inhabit their own starry eyed universe, drifting along to the tropical pulsation of big bossa-nova guitars, shimmering intergalactic keyboards, somnambulant vocals, whispered percussion and buoyant melodies… With a small coterie of like-minded souls, the Santa Cruz band creates a sound full of dreamy, late-night psychedelia that spins a calm, soothing spell." (Magnet Magazine)