Cheap Horse w/ Human Furniture Company

Dec 29 @ 9:00pm

$8 Door


Santa Cruz, Winter 2016. Cheap Horse was born in sickness and squalor as the pizza boxes piled high. John and Ryan, cousins from New Jersey, living in the basement apartment of John’s girlfriend’s grandmother, form a band. They had survived the great El Nino Flu, and amassed a large pile of home recorded songs, later named “The Couch Tapes,” and released on CD. They needed to find a drummer, acquire some amplifiers and begin playing the bars. Several maxed out credit cards and trips to off-track gambling facilities later, and the tiny apartment more closely resembled a Guitar Center, if Guitar Center was in a boiler room. Amplifiers occupied spaces where normal household appliances once stood, and the band schemed up plans and hit the road. Touring brought the boys to the Seattle, Portland, LA, and many long, sweaty, fun nights in Santa Cruz.

After a successful first year, multi-talented original drummer Mick Jagoff moved on from the band amicably, and the slot was mightily filled by local filmmaker/heart-throb Dom Romano. Sophomore album “Friday is Pizza Day” was released in May 2017, receiving stellar reviews from unheard-of internet bloggers. “Stairway To Elvis” followed soon after, along with several inexplicable covers of songs from the “Cocktail” soundtrack. Two east coast tours included stops in New York, Montreal, and their beloved New Jersey.

John, Ryan, and Dominic simply love to play music, and strive to make every show a memorable, big night out. There is an electrifying bond between Cheap Horse and their friends. This metaphor was made literal one night, when a swirling (but friendly) mosh pit sent Peter B, longtime friend of the band, tumbling into a beer-soaked mess of cables and effects pedals, resulting in minor electrocution. Miraculously, he was up and dancing thirty seconds later.

The newest release, “Tinnitus Will Unite Us,” coming very soon, is a brand new collection of garage rock anthems. It will be available, along with all other releases at http://cheaphorserock.bandcamp .com

Human Furniture Company: https://humanfurniturecompany.