Fascinating Creatures of the Deep w/ 3 Balls Of Fire (Austin, TX)

Oct 19 @ 9:00pm

$10 Door


We're not going to tell you about all the ass-kicking bands we were in before because that's boring, sentimental and in some cases, may be incriminating: you were either there or you weren't.

That said, here are four nice guys you should get to know:

Guitarist and songwriter Adrian Cavlan has a long history in the San Jose/NorCal punk scene. His guitar style has evolved a bit over the years, but one look at an FCotD live performance will show that without any doubt, the fire remains intact.

Guitarist Gary Boodt is well known from his days as a true O.G. contest skateboarder from the late ‘70s and early ‘80s (pool rider!) and balances his professional life with lots of music and skate sessions as often as he can.

Bassist Paul Zimmerman is another fellow who’s been at it for a while, playing in a touring alt-rock band back in the ‘90s and now playing in a couple of bands doing a wide variety of great, original music.

Drummer Jeff “Stretch” Reidle is one of the ORIGINAL Surf revivalists, being a founding member of Northern California’s “Shockwaves” in 1984 and scoring a college radio hit with their song “BatWipe”. Stretch is one of the most well-known Surf drummers on the scene and his very membership in FCotD gives the band instant Surf music pedigree and credibility!

One thing to know: FCotD is one of the only mostly-original music Surf bands that can play 3 sets of instrumental music! The songs cover a huge range of dynamics and feels, which means that, believe it or not, your crowd won’t tire of the music and think “wow - we’ve heard this same song over and over” in the set.