LUNG (Cincinnati, Oh.) W/ TBD

Jul 18 @ 9:00pm



LUNG: A Two-piece, comprised of electric cello and drums, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Their sound is dark, haunting with a style that defies conventional genre definitions, evoking the driving sludge of early grunge/post-rock, with layered, symphonic dark rock ballads. Formed in 2016, the duo has been hitting it hard by playing over 200 shows across 40 states in 18 months. In March 2017, they released their first full length album, Bottom of the Barrel, which has been met with acclaim from crowds across the United States and publications such as: New Noise Magazine, The Fire Note, and Daytrotter. Lung are set to perform at SXSW 2018 and are currently finalizing their second album.