Anemone w/ BB Sinclair and The Root Beer Floats

Jun 23 @ 9:00pm

$8 Adv. $10 Doors ventListings.action?orgId=25521


Chloé Soldevila and her musicians have built a psychedelic pop world
with twangy guitar riffs and haunting synth lines. A bed of flowers on which the singer’s catchy vocals lay. Anemone is an ode to love.
Coming from a family of artists, Montreal native yet, raisedbetween Barcelona and Montreal and growing up in the arts has led Chloé to be in musical training from a very young age, graduating from high school with special mentions in classical piano and flute. After pursuing jazz piano studies in Cegep, she left musical training to pursue her own specific goals within different styles of music and, study Photography and Film in Concordia University.
It’s the photography that brings her inspirations at first. As she was playing in her first rock’n’roll band, Chloé had the chance to meet several successful bands such as the Allah-Las, La Femme and Broncho, who were attracted to her photography talent and general unique presence, which led her to travel with bands, mostly in the United States (California) and France, to photograph them. These travels had ignited for Chloé a desire to write and compose her own music. Spending hours with musicians was the inspiration she needed to create her heartfelt music: with strong classical and counter melody composition, with words on youth about her life during those years, directly inspired by the observations she would make on herself and on the life of the many young artists she met along the way.
When Chloé established in Montreal, she had one goal in mind: making her own music. Historically, great music encounters were made in bars, and this is precisely where she met the musicians for Anemone. She knew that the drummer Miles Dupire-Gagnon (Elephant Stone, The Brooks, Samito) and the guitarist Gabriel Lambert (Elephant Stone, Besnard Lakes, Leif Vollbekk) would understand her sound and help bring it to the next level. Since September 2015, she has been working with them and others on a 10 tracks recording. Miles introduced Chloé to a talented bassist, Grégoire Carrier Bonneau (Daby Touré, Kalmunity Vibe Collective, Labess). Then, Zach Irving, guitarist and back vocals, joined the group. With Chloé singing and playing keyboards, the band was completed.
When you hear Anemone, you can feel a classical influence, California’s psychedelic
music and a modern touch of pop music. The band has already done a couple of shows, and it has been said that it has a unique and interesting sound.
Love for everyone. Anemone loves you.