August Sun w/ Lindsey Wall

Mar 15 @ 9:00pm


9PM Show

August Sun was started in early 2016 with the original compositions of singer/songwriter, guitarist, and frontman Christian Walsh. He recruited his longtime friends Jonny Hampton on drums and Aidan Robinson on bass, as well as Tony Whittaker on keyboards, all doing back-up vocals and harmonies. Michael Chiang was brought on as a second guitar. With the departure of Aidan, Brendan Brose has joined on bass, making the band a solid 5-piece rock outfit. The music is original, high-energy rock n' roll with folk and punk flavors, as well as influences from other genres such as jazz and blues. August Sun puts on a fun, high energy show of educated and driving harmony and rhythm that will have you dancing and rockin' until you can't rock no more!