The Breaking, Sharkmouth

Oct 11 @ 9:00pm


9pm showtime

The Breaking:
The Pacific Northwest has long been known as a stronghold of alternative rock, although Portland's relatively recent rise to 'cultural mecca' has created something of a faddish scene that barely resembles its roots. Nonetheless, The Breaking - a band of 90's-raised Northwesterners from the Rose City - still carry the torch that illuminated their upbringing. Their debut self-titled LP is a testament to the depth of that artistic heritage.

The Breaking challenges convention in a way that earns the group an edge and authenticity. The songs are deliberate and gripping, and the band uses their contradicting influences to great advantage. Front-man Adam Sweeney's penchant for brooding minor-key introspection collides with lead guitarist Tim Karplus' affinity for mainstream pop hooks, crafting songs with mass appeal that remain firmly rooted in the alt rock tradition of the Cascadian glory days.

At once original and strikingly familiar, their debut LP is reminiscent of early Radiohead, R.E.M., Oasis and U2's Achtung Baby.

With two exploratory EPs under their belts, the band has landed on their definitive sound and channeled it into a debut full-length record, released in 2017. The Breaking has been bringing their energy-infused live shows to venues around the west coast from their native Portland, Oregon.

The two round out their work with frequent collaborators on recordings and live shows, with producer Rian Lewis (D.R.A.M., Priory), bassist Andre Zapata (Moorea Masa, Jimmy Russell's Party City), and drummers Alexandra Geffel (Skull Diver, The Cabin Project), Ben Kent (Ghosts I've Met) and Mark Powers (M. Ward, Robert Wynia, Haley Johnsen).

Sharkmouth: m/releases
Sharkmouth was founded by Joshua James Jackson, after years of playing in rad bands from Santa Rosa and the bay area. International six string slinger and peddler John Courage harnesses electricity to create aural ecstasy and the austere, debonair and undeniable Taylor Cuffie slaps skins in rhythm for excitement and dancability.