Wooden Indian Burial Ground, K Skelton, Palmz

Oct 8 @ 9:00pm


9pm showtime

Wooden Indian Burial Ground:
https://woodenindianburialgrou nd.bandcamp.com/
WIBG feed the electric insects that plaster your cracking windshield after a wine soaked road trip. You don't have enough wiper fluid and your blades are bad, and the guitar strings keep breaking...somehow you can still make out the asphalt and a few notes well enough to get to the nearest gas station and clean the wrong from your exhausted brain…and you almost feel human again. But by the time you get a few more miles down the highway you're somewhat blind and half deaf from driving through the drum clouds and the bass storm with your head out some weird excuse for a window...and you can only hear one phrase on repeat from the humming of the road - "This song is about surfing on Acid, with your dad. Thanks dudes."

Since 2012 WIBG has released one LP, two Ep's. New album "How's Your Favorite Dreamer?" out now . They've played hundreds of shows including some killer national festivals like CMJ, Treefort, Nelsonville Music Fest, and PDX POP NOW.

WIBG have had the honor to provide direct support for some modern greats like such as Ty Segall’s FUZZ, Built to Spill, Pierced Arrows, and many more. In Spring 2015 WIBG with be heading on a national adventure as direct support for Built to Spill and just ended their first EU/UK tour in February.

Jon Parales of The New York Times recently described WIBG as "particularly molten...riding riffs towards euphoric dementia."

Bob Boilen of NPR's All Songs Considered chose WIBG as one of his top discoveries of CMJ 2012, stating "WIBG are the rare breed of psychedelic garage music that rises above the mediocrity of most bands making this sort of music these days and gets me remembering why I’ve loved this kind of music for so long."

“Wooden Indian Burial Ground is a guitar-bass-drums band from Portland, Ore., that’s particularly molten. As the rhythm section bears down splashily on whatever riff drives the song, Mr. Fowler pushes surf-guitar techniques — glissando, string-bending, tremolo strumming — toward their noisy, textural extremes, or he makes swoopy sounds from a low-tech analogue synthesizer that a friend built inside a beat-up bit of luggage from a thrift shop…the point of the songs is the way they ride their rudimentary riffs toward euphoric dementia.” - The New York Times (Jon Parales)

“Wooden Indian Burial Ground have delivered one of the best records of the year—local or otherwise. The Portland four-piece’s new self-titled album, whose vinyl incarnation came out October 30 on Mon Amie Records, is a devastating, earthquaking trip to catatonia by the funnest means possible. The heavy, dirty, garage squalor sounds like it will cast out old evil spirits and attract some new ones along the way.” - The Portland Mercury

"Wooden Indian Burial Ground tore up the Red Room March 23 with its high-energy garage rock. The crowd morphed from a mosh pit into a dance party and back to a mosh pit as the band made commentary like: "That song's about surfing on acid with your dad." - Boise Weekly (Top 10 Moments of Treefort Music Fest)

K Skelton: