The Phenomenauts, Van Goat, Fulminante

Oct 27 @ 9:00pm


9pm showtime

Advance tickets available at:

Or at The Crepe Place

The Phenomenauts:
https://phenomenauts.bandcamp. com/
“These guys aren’t like anything you’ve seen or heard before…I saw Phenomenauts play in both New York City and San Francisco; each time the place was jam-packed with people chanting “Science and honor!” A few dozen were dressed as robots, and endless streams of chicks looked like they’d just landed in from an R-rated Jetsons episode. Fanfare of that sort doesn’t happen by coincidence.”
– Thrasher

“A band that lives, loves and rocks on the grand scale of the cosmos ”
– SF Weekly

“This is a band that NEEDS to be experienced live, by everyone.”

Van Goat:
"Masterfully mixing Swing, Surf, Punk, and Pineapples into a magical Concoction." - I Heart SF Bands
Spectacularly catchy and exciting and addictive" - The Bay Bridged
“I’m just not that into it.” - some hip music blogger

To hear Van Goat, simply click here.

To smell Van Goat, simply find a Yellow Sharpie.

To see Van Goat, you must go to a live show. Their performances have been described as both ‘pleasing’ and ‘nice’.

To touch Van Goat, you must pay an additional $5.

To taste Van Goat, you must go to Colonial Donuts after 2am and get a box of assorted donuts and donut holes. You must mix bites of donuts to get the full experience.

Lead Vocals / Guitar / Clarinet: Aidan Ward

Keyboards / Pineapples / Vocals: Ben Einstein

Bass / Vocals: Derek Burle

Trombone / Vocals: Lindsay Alexis

Drums : Taylor Moxon