Judo No

Oct 13 @ 9:00pm


9pm showtime

Judo No:
"A moshy trio of tradition squashers, JUDO NO (AJ Leone, Lauren Albert, Chris Gourlay) steals beats from Africa and South America and tastelessly twists them into gloriously distorted decompositions, complete with illegal vocal harmonies, subliminally manipulative lyrics, unabashed brass blasts and wompy bass drops. Trashy magic weirdos? Thrashy tragic heroes? This pack of multi-instrumentalists are too fresh on the scene to say for sure. After almost a year of nastily magnetizing audiences from Santa Cruz to San Fran, JUDO NO is juiced to let loose their debut album, SNUK, released on May 6th of this year, upon the masses. If you're up for a spiritually confusing physical challenge, be one of the first to discover all that JUDO NO."