Wild Iris, Abalone Grey, The Brothers Strong & Co.

Aug 12 @ 9:00pm


9pm showtime

Wild Iris:
https://www.wildirissantacruz. com/
Wild Iris is an acoustic mix of musical genres. Guitarist Bryan Shelton's folksy picking style along with Kate Mullikin's evocative lyrics and smokey vocals make their duo a fresh listening experience.

Abalone Grey:
Strong vocal harmonies, engaging soulful lyrics and unique melodies make up the backbone of the band Abalone Grey. The band formed in late 2014 after players from various musical projects joined together at one of those “classic, rare and special musical gatherings” on the north coast of Santa Cruz, CA. The members of Abalone Grey include: Bobcat Rob Armenti (Guitar, Vocals), Emma Shaw (Bass, Vocals), Joe Kaplow (Guitar, Banjo, Vocals), Luke Kinney (Drums, Vocals) and Johnny Stiles (Harmonica, Vocals).
As a group they showcase a strong collection of musical talent, translating into folk love ballads, murderous melodies and foot stomping rhythms.

The Brothers Strong & Co.:
https://thebrothersstrongco.co m/
The Brothers Strong are a 4 piece string band based out of Sonora, CA. Stemming from the foothills and mountains of the Sierra Nevada, the band has formed their own brand of "mountain" music based heavily in Americana and folk. Their live sets are best described as a boxing match; each fast song has the audience on their toes bobbing and weaving like a boxer dodging head jabs. When the audience thinks they've learned all the moves, the band throws the "gut" punch: A slower song with thoughtful lyrics that cuts to the depth of emotion. The songwriting explores many of the daily struggles of human life from love and loss, to success and failure, while also seeking to expose the duality of most situations and to speak to the ever-present enigma of emotion. This two sided thinking can also be heard in the band's instrumentation. While understanding that the acoustic line up of the guitar, banjo, fiddle, and upright bass has immense potential to create a highly energetic sound, each also has a soft, simple voice which is equally clear and powerful. These key elements define The Brothers Strong, bringing diverse audiences to their shows.