Thorcraft Cobra, Left Coast Country, Ty Alex

Jul 9 @ 9:00pm


9pm showtime

Thorcraft Cobra: /
"Thorcraft Cobra have perfected the seemingly lost art of combining big, radio friendly hooks with big, classic rock guitars.” - LA Weekly

“Nuanced pop-rock that proves there’s not a single ounce of queasy ambivalence that a giant chorus won’t wash away.” –

“A power pop jewel – polished, poised and seriously in the pocket.” - Glide

First off, despite their righteously badass nom d'artiste Thorcraft Cobra are not purveyors of weed-hazed, beer-soaked SoCal Throttle Rock. Together, Billy Zimmer (Brown Eyed Susans) and Tammy Glover (Sparks) combine a knack for concise pop songwriting, a gift for crafting immediately engaging melody, and impeccable taste in rock and roll sonics into something that is both fresh and undeniable.

Lyrically, The Distance is an homage to a story, probably apocryphal, about Abraham Lincoln. Supposedly, Abraham Lincoln said it wasn’t remarkable that he was born in a log cabin and became the President; it was remarkable that he was born in a log cabin and became a lawyer. “I think about starting from behind in life and the distance that some of us travel to get to a multi-cultural world of ideas, rationality, science, empathy & art” says Glover. “I’m from Buffalo, NY, and the distance in front of me will never be as profound as the distance I covered physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually to get here.”

Thorcraft Cobra is possessed of the rare gift of crafting melodic moods that align precisely with the lyrical worlds contained within their songs. Their music is infused with genuine feeling and thought, every note and every single word placed with purpose. The record is an inspiring statement, wrought by continually adjusting and adapting. Failing, yes, yet never stopping, determined to go The Distance.
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Spotify: /6QwX42OSJ0cwWdXYR37tu4
iTunes: bum/the-distance/id1184004373

Left Coast Country: m/
Left Coast Country is a modern string band formed in 2010 from the exploding newgrass scene in Portland, OR. The release of their first album, ‘Dark Down and Blue’ features the group’s high-energy, hard driving originals and their contemporary take on the old bluegrass sound. Their second album, ‘Left Coast Country’ propelled their versatile, dynamic sound onto the never-ending tour circuit of North America. Dedication to their craft has made Left Coast Country one of the hardest working, up and coming acts in the Northwest. The statement “for LCC pickin’ is not a hobby, not a job, but a way of life,” (B. Salmon – Bend Bulletin) could not be any more accurate. Left Coast Country constantly strives to expand their music and blaze new territory across the country. At home in Portland, find them at renowned venues such as the Aladdin Theater, The Doug Fir Lounge, and Mississippi Studios. In July 2014, Left Coast Country took home first place in the 13th Annual Northwest String Summit Band Competition, being the first ever Portland bluegrass band to do so. In September 2015, LCC embarked on their third national tour to debut the release of their third studio LP, “Pines Fly By” which was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Justin Phelps at Cloud City Sound in Portland, Oregon.

Constantly evolving, their stage performance showcases the group’s synchronous harmonies, beautiful melodies, and intense intricate instrumentation. Left Coast Country’s live shows are the fusion of traditional and progressive; composed of fiery heartfelt foot stompers, rolling country ballads, and powerful instrumental soundscapes.

Since 2010, they have had the esteemed pleasure of playing alongside and sharing the stage with musical pioneers such as Vince Herman, Steep Canyon Rangers, Fruition, Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen, Head For The Hills, Danny Barnes, Hackensaw Boys, Pert’ Near Sandstone, Brothers Comatose, Shook Twins, Dead Winter Carpenters, and Jeff Austin Band.

Ty Alex: