Eric Morrison and the Mysteries, Kelly Fox

Jun 15 @ 9:00pm


9pm showtime

Eric Morrison and the Mysteries:
Eric Morrison & The Mysteries live for a good time, and a mysterious musical spontaneity to say the least. When this group steps on stage the music transcends into an onstage chemistry which fuels the lovefest that is a live Mystery show. Rooted in the trajectory of a West Coast Santa Cruz sound, Eric Morrison & the Mysteries music has been described as California’s own "Americana Soul".

Eric Morrison brought the Mysteries together in the beginning of 2016. The current lineup is
Eric Morrison - Vocals/Guitar
Bill Fanara - Guitar/Vocals
Donna Seda - Vocals
Scotty Rocket - Drums
Eric Gilmore - Bass
Edgar Ponder - Percussion

Their first year together has had a natural energy and force which has taken EM&M into 20 venues and over 30 shows. Also during this time the group has also been continually working in the recording studio "House of Faith" in Oakland, CA with producer Bart Thurber where their debut album has been completed. A 10 track gem, "No Wolves" will be released on March 11th 2017 and will include many mysterious guest artists including...

-Robbie Hoddinott (from the legendary Bob Weir’s “Kingfish”) is featured on 4 tracks. "Mountain", "Something going on Down Below", "Things are gonna Change" and "Bad Girl" Robbie was a very special surprise on this record. Mike Lewis, one of the bass players for the mysteries, was a childhood friend and former bandmate of Robbie and had reconnected with him and brought him in for a couple sessions that led to these tracks being used on the record. Robbie had been out of the scene for over a decade before these very rare sessions.

-Jim Lewin (Great American Taxi, Todd Snider, Lacy J. Daulton) played both guitar and bass and had a role as engineer/producer on "No Wolves at the Front Door", "Carmel Valley", and "Big Stacks of Money"

-Doug Dirt (Banana Slug String Orchestra) came in to play bass on "Carmel Valley"

-Burnin Vernon Davis (Buddy Miles, Patti Lebelle, Etta James, WAR, George Clinton, Peter Tosh, and Anita Baker) and now "Eric Morrison & The Mysteries. You will find Vernon shredding lead guitar on "Big Stacks of Money".

The music and moment is in control of this mysterious bunch. “We have no idea where this is going, and it’s great” says the driver of the band Eric Morrison.

EM&M's home base is Santa Cruz, CA. Being surrounded by the Redwood forest and the Pacific Ocean provides a muse not to be taken lightly as they are taking the music scene by storm with a relentless flow and work ethic. The band is writing, recording, touring, smiling, laughing and crying while delivering epic tales of modern hypocrisy and love and overcoming doubt. Get to know them, You'll find out! Enjoy the Mystery...