St. Cinder, Speakeasy 3

Apr 27 @ 9:00pm


9pm showtime

St. Cinder:
T he happy plunk of banjo, the scratch of washboard, the lone howl of harmonica, the woody strum of guitar, the heart aching whine of the violin, the flittering melodies of the mandolin, and the throaty expressiveness of the clarinet all lend themselves to the barn-shaking sound of St. Cinder which brings to mind a nostalgia for what might have been played onto old phonograph records but could have never come through the other end—a living, vibrant, organic sound with its toes in the soil and its face in the sun, a bindle on its back and heading out on the open road to greener valleys over the horizon.
St. Cinder’s rambunctious, soulful renditions of traditional music inspire the young and old alike to put on their dancing shoes and flash with smiles as delightful musical surprises twine through the wonderfully textured songs. While some selections reflect the ache and tenderness of love gained and lost, often St. Cinder prefers to indulge in the jovial side of traditional music, keeping things rowdy and reveling. Their original songs range from brooding, thoughtful ballads of poetic disaster to free-and-easy tunes which stride to the rhythms of rambling and love and friendship.
After releasing their first studio album, Vagabond Dreams, at the close of 2015, they hit the road in their beloved school bus and plan to bring their sound to new parts of the States throughout the year.

Speakeasy 3:< br/>
Speakeasy 3 started out in Santa Cruz, California in 2014 with the sound of a band from 1924, featuring guitar/banjitar, clarinet, and a vocals specializing in tunes from the Prohibition Era and beyond. Over time, more instruments were added to the ensemble and now Speakeasy 3 often performs with bass, saxophones, drums, and occasionally trumpet.