Unpopable, Big Lazy

Apr 15 @ 9:00pm

$5 students, $10 adults

9pm showtime

Addi Somekh plays a bass that is made 100% out of latex balloons and air. It is built using an 11 inch round balloon and two skinny twisting balloons – one skinny balloon is the string and the other is used to construct the resonator which is inside the round balloon. The balloon bass is 3 and a half octaves and is capable of deep, booming low frequencies, but also has the potential for twangy sitar-like sounds. Addi attaches a piezo pick-up to it and runs it through a pedal board and an amp.

Big Lazy:
Big Lazy is the instrumental trio from New York City. Their music dwells in the unmistakable landscape of gritty yet gracefully crafted American music. Simultaneously noir and pastoral, gothic and modern, Big Lazy conjures images of everything from big sky country to seedy back rooms. With sparse instrumentation—electric guitar, acoustic bass and drums—the trio creates richly evocative soundscapes with a distinctly narrative quality and an undeniable sense of place.