Sap Laughter, The Jolly Llamas, Sparrow

Oct 8 @ 9:00pm


9pm showtime

Sap Laughter: ghter ughter/
Sap Laughter sprouted in the redwood mountains of Santa Cruz during the summer of 2012

Ajay and I became friends at the age of 9, and quickly formed a musical duo which evolved into a dense concentration of soul expression we now refer to as the “Sap”. We’ve been writing songs together ever since – Fast forward to Sophomore year of high school . My friend Jesse Reger and I had been planning to make a punk rock group by the name of “Penny Arcade”, and Jesse suggested that Ian Kelley should be invited to be a member. We ran into Ian during P.E. one day and asked him if he wanted to jam. We made a plan to make some music at Jesse’s house. Ajay naturally joined the musical congregation.
When Ajay and I witnessed Ian’s drumming we knew we had struck gold. For the months following the discovery of Ian, the three of us had routine jams, and spent the majority of our free time at Ian’s house sinking deep into our love for funk, jazz, and indie music. A lot of what we practiced consisted of original songs I had written over the previous couple years. We all knew the inevitability of a band forming. No one remembers how we thought of the name Sap Laughter.
On November 24th our debut album Catacombs was released, reflecting the formation of Sap Laughter and the shifting emotional pathways of growing up and out of school and home as it was. We defined Sap Laughter as a concentration of our uncontrollable expression; a space to collect our unconditional passion for music. A sappy pool of treble and bass pushed to laughter by a sporadic slap of rhythmic bliss.
After a short emersion into the World of College it was clear to us that higher education wasn’t the way that we were meant to continue learning of life and the ways of the world. One after another, we dropped out. Spending some time growing an awareness of permaculture practices and intentional community building, I began to lose sight of Sap Laughter, seeing the importance of implementing solutions in a world pressed with urgent issues. The songwriting continued under a new light, but the drive to share our music and spread the message had slowed greatly, partially because the music and message were still being crafted. The truth was still being sought after.
Miraculously, I happened to meet someone at The White Raven Café in Felton who showed me how to take Sap, and the message to the next level. This person helped us see that using music to bring people together and raise awareness on the importance of collaboration, could make the dream of simple, beautiful, and creative living, a reality. Driven by the purpose of freeing others from the social captivity binding us, we decided to dedicate our time to growing Sap Laughter as a force of positive change. Understanding that Sap Laughter could make greater impact than any of our individual action inspired us to create a more collective model for our movement…

People want to live harmoniously, freely. People want space to connect and create together, and to belong. In our culture, creativity is suffocated, and saturated by businesses which focus on profit rather than purpose. Collectively we can foster progressive, uplifting, and inspiring communities which allow us to curate our most important solutions and understandings. But we need somewhere to start.

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Music has been bringing people together for centuries for prayer and pleasure alike, and offers its messages in a deeply compelling way. It serves as a natural central component in community and helps leverage collection into action. The aim is to bring equality. We as people don’t need as much as we take. Innovating optimized solutions is the way to guide ourselves into this awareness. By supporting Sap Laughter, you’re contributing to a movement dedicated to planting the seeds of today’s dreams, to grow the trees of tomorrow’s reality.