KZSC Presents: Luke Sweeney, Sun Dried

Sep 23 @ 9:00pm


9pm showtime

Luke Sweeney:
https://lukesweeney.bandcamp.c om/

A bicycle crash left a young Sweeney with his jaw wired shut for six weeks, and in recovering, his sustenance was on an acoustic guitar. What was he chasing? Perhaps something in a progression that led to seclusion in empty piano rooms on the campus of UC Berkeley, the acquisition of a Yamaha MT-50 4-track recorder, and cassette release parties hosted inside his co-op; all while logging enough California-psych gold on tape to get a good stretch of Highway 1 named for him. Branching out from celebrated San Francisco bands VOWS & Montra for the release of his 2013 solo debut ‘Ether Ore’, Luke Sweeney swung out on a limb with a stripped-down approach that garnered blossoms of critical praise for its “distinctly handcrafted feel” and “melodies that feel like opiates for the soul” (SF Chronicle).
In October 2014, a whole new sound emerged from the troubadour’s ever-spinning reels with ‘Adventure:Us‘, which The Portland Mercury calls “one of the best albums released last year… far-reaching pop, psychedelic, and classic-rock realms with humor and irreverence—both calling cards of Sweeney’s songwriting.” BabySue blog named it a Top Pick, stating “Sweeney really seems to be following his own muse here. And, in doing so, manages to come up with some mighty entertaining tracks that are credible and real. And our overall impression after a few spins is that this is one of those that will still sound great years from now. We love the guitars…we love the vocals…we love the rhythms…we love the melodies… Hell, to be honest we love everything about this album.”
Yet the surface has only been scratched in revealing Sweeney’s full portrait. With a full cast of notable players, Sweeney’s band whips up the vast spectrum of his songs into a magnetic force. Appearances at SXSW, CMJ, Noise Pop, Make Music Pasadena, and other festivals along a grueling tour schedule over the past year have Luke Sweeney drawing ears who hear something familiar yet mysteriously new, as if plucked from an Earth-like planet just barely detectable on our Doppler. It’s a sound that is hard to come by, thrilling to chase, and comforting to know.

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