Redlight District, Steel Cranes, Kingsborough

Aug 12 @ 9:00pm


9pm showtime

The Redlight District: dlightdistrictmusic/
"For the love of Jimi Hendrix, go see this band! The Redlight District is a true rock band in every sense of the word, with their psychedelic-dipped blues riffs, steady rhythm section, soulful keyboards and frontman sex appeal."

~ Mat Weir, Santa Cruz Weekly on "15 Top Picks for Santa Cruz Music Festival" 2013

"Channeling the spirit of Jim Morrison, The Redlight District puts on one raucous live show after another, fusing rock, funk and soul... Frontman Stephan Sams turns the vocals inside-out, transforming sultry crooning into manic madman wailing with bravado and a leathery shine... Dan Leitner crushes the keys."

~ DNA, Santa Cruz Good Times

The Redlight District is a psychedelic rock and roll quartet from Santa Cruz, California. The band is comprised of Stephan Sams (vocals), Ravi Lamb (lead guitar), Dan Leitner (keyboards), and Keoki Thompson (drums). Their frenetic live performances blend elements of delta blues, jazz melody, and soul, weaving meticulously embellished, percussive guitar lines with dynamically intricate rock-organ. Thompson brings a relentless battery of off-kilter beats to the table, locking-in with Leitner's bass hooks. These provide a backdrop for Sams' baritone croon, which moves from tranquil melody into manic wails.

Steel Cranes: /
"Tracy Shapiro and Amanda Schukle's two-woman rock assault has more in common with the Melvins or the Black Keys: the slo-mo heaviness of a 2,000-pound pendulum, as much grit as an abandoned highway, and a fearless sense of rock 'n' roll." - MTV Buzzworthy

"They shred, but they're not frantic. Their sound lacks any pretense whatsoever, offering raw, relentless power instead... My hope for Steel Cranes is that, no matter how famous they're about to be, they don't lose the sense of loud, gritty fun in which their first few singles are drenched." - Bitch Magazine

"Tango is a place where you can dance about the wonders and occasional struggles of life. What Steel Cranes have done is make music that will want you to grip into/onto the attitude given not wanting to let go of its power." - This is Books Music

Shapiro and Schukle display a raw, sludgy rock ecstasy that revels in its ability to rattle your bones and brain while still reminding you why this sort of raucous sound is still necessary... they tear down everything in their path and rebuild the surrounding countryside in a way that fits their noisy and cathartic justification." - Nooga