The SHE's, Spooky Mansion, The Roaring 420s

Feb 4 @ 9:00pm


9pm showtime

The SHE's:< /a> esmusic/
The She's have been playing together since elementary school. Their early music is a reflection of their social and musical lives colliding- coming out of a unique perspective for high school students having been tossed into the music industry at such a young age. Today, their songs develop into themes of nostalgia, the exploration of solitude, love, and heartache.

Spooky Mansion: ymoosemusic/
https://spookymansion.bandcamp .com/
San Francisco band blending surf rock and soul music to create a groovy and intense Spookiness

The Roaring 420s:
Blending surf rock and late 60s pre-Punk into Eastern psychedelia The Roaring 420s from Dresden, Germany, rather sound like an obscure little gem discovered at a garage sale in California. Roughly located somewhere between The Beach Boys and The Velvet Underground, they’re bursting out with twangy guitars, groovin' organ and an electric sitar!