Miss Lonely Hearts, Dirty Hands Family Band

Jan 19 @ 9:00pm


9pm showtime

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Miss Lonely Hearts:
http://www.misslonelyheartsban d.com/

For a new approach to some new old fashioned back-country/roots-a-billy music, the likes of Miss Lonely Hearts is the act you have been in search of. The resounding percussion emanating from the home-made suitcase drum set blends masterfully with the thumping upright bass, and accompanies the howling and caterwauling of the harmoniously harmonized vocals resulting in a truly unique homemade sound. Within this music, the sardonic, apocalyptic influence of Tom Waits, alongside the lyrical genius and melodic sensibilities of Hank Williams Sr. and Woody Guthrie, can be heard. Deeply entrenched in the roots music that has evolved in this nation, Miss Lonely Hearts has dug out a unique niche for themselves, and can drive a crowd to a near fever pitch.

Miss Lonely Hearts is

WYATT HESEMEYER: vocals - guitar - harmonica - tattoo gun
Wyatt started playing music at the age of 2. Soon after that he and his band toured all summer over Winters, CA. His voice sounds like an angel... ran over by a steam train. Wyatt writes the music for Miss Lonely Hearts and drinks a lot of whiskey...

PATRICK O'CONNOR: suitcase drum kit - tour bus repairs - lady killin'
Patrick is founder and current MC of the notorious Dirty530Boys, a bad ass HipHop Group out of the eastern side of the western part of downtown Weatland. Patrick got himself a serious girlfriend - despite various explicit offers from girls all over the word. In his free time he plays his unique suitcase drum kit for Miss Lonely Hearts...

KEITH CARY: lever-lapsteel - mandolin - comodium and whatever might wind up in his hands
Keith and his creative, experimental and here and there extraordinary aggressive style of playing 2-3 instruments simultaniously seams to offend people in a good way. Keith likes strawberry flavored picks and is the only member of Miss Lonely Hearts who served in WWI and WWII...

MISCHA GASCH: upright bass - dancing - drinking
Mischa was born in Germany. according to his parents he was conceived while listening to Symapthy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones. That explains a lot. Mischa joined Miss Lonely Hearts and the NRA in 2010...

PARKER McDONALD: lead guitar - make up and hair styles - drivin'
Parker lives in Sacramento. He is a nice guy tho. When he was much younger he used to hang out with Beatrice "Beatty" Stone. Some people believe, Parker has an illegitimate child with her. Parker plays with Miss Lonely Hearts since 2010 and shows up to their practices occasionally...

SASHA PRAWALSKI: back vocals - increase in attractiveness - boots
Sasha joins Miss Lonely Hearts whenever she is not too busy with wine tasting. She likes dark fruit notes of currant, raspberry and blackberry, and often leaves a lush and lasting impression. Sasha also possesses a five-octave range on her steel guitar...